Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Producers, Jewish-Music Division

Lenny loves to give families a treat
Producing Jewish music with a nice rock beat
When he's looked for talent, he has rarely missed
Check out the fine folks on his list
(He even lent his voice with glee
To sing two songs on Kunstler's CD)

C Lanzbom plays a mean guitar
or two or three
With his talent he's gone far
And produced a CD
for Chana Rothman and a Fringe of Blue
Fine music, and it's Jewish, too
(Sometimes he plays guitar on these, too)

In a basement somewhere in Milwaukee
Mark worries that his recording equipment may be getting squawky
He's thinking of buying an Apple computer
(Once his basement recovers from the recent wet weather)
In the hope that his recordings will sound even better

Let's hear it for the folks who record Jewish tunes
And hope they keep at for many moons

[Believe it or not, I actually had this entire post--links and all--saved among my drafts when I spotted that letter to the editor concerning a threat to the livelihood of Jewish musicians (posted below).]


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